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Thanks to Marigold Marketing Group

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social media b Thanks to Marigold Marketing GroupIn 2011, my online store nearly collapsed because there were many new online stores which made online business competition tighter and more complicated. Yup, they sold similar products with lower prices. This made my customers leave me alone. I never guested about this because initially my online business ran smoothly and I only got one sale per month abruptly. To be honest, I was quite surprised. I applied email marketing campaign and link exchange to increase sales rate, but these efforts did not work well. I felt pressured so I could not sleep comfortably. read more..


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Adding Style To Your Presentation

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 Adding Style To Your PresentationA PowerPoint presentation can add life to a project. It’s something that relays the content of a report in a way that many people can understand. There are often pictures and simple bullet points with text that people can read instead of listening to a long paper that might have details that aren’t easy to understand. When you are making your PowerPoint, consider getting some tips on making it stand out from companies like read more..


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Franchising a Restaurant: a Smart Business Decision

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Choosing a franchised restaurant operation can be an ideal choice if you’re in the market for a restaurant brand that is already in existence, as well as established. What’s more, the majority of franchised restaurants are already physically set-up, so they’re just waiting for a manager to come along and grab the reins. And the franchiser — that’s the corporation or investor who owns the chain of franchised restaurants — is responsible for handling all advertising and menu choices, so you won’t have to worry about creating and executing creative campaigns. Plus, you’ll have the assurance of brand prestige – it’s always a good idea to start off as a business owner with a restaurant whose name is known and respected, rather than set foot into the restaurant world with a name that is previously unknown.

cold stone 300x247 Franchising a Restaurant: a Smart Business Decision

read more..


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Pet Charities: What Do You Get Back When You Give?

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charity Pet Charities: What Do You Get Back When You Give?

Think about the different animal charities that you’ve donated to over the years. What about them made you want to give? If you’re still making donations, consider why you continue to do so. Each charity does something specific for animals, and these causes speak to different people in different ways. Surprisingly, though, all the reasons you can come up with for giving to a pet charity are just part of the overall benefit of being generous. Whether you donate money or time, you can benefit from charitable activity just as much as those who receive what you give. read more..


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I Trust RighTime Home Services

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rightime I Trust RighTime Home ServicesBefore going to New York, my business partner met me at my office. He told me that he really regretted because he did not listen to my suggestion last month. At that moment, he asked for my suggestion in choosing HVAC contractors to repair his heating. I suggested him to contact RighTime Home Services, but he did not trust me. He assumed that the recommended company was not professional so he hired another one. read more..


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