Business Brokers

If you are familiar with the term ‘real estate agent’, then it’s easy for you to understand what business broker is. If real estate agent is dealing in finding the buyers for the selling houses and earns commission, business brokers is dealing in selling small and medium companies. It could be the local pizza store, the laundry, mini marts up to manufacturing and wholesaler companies. Continue reading “Business Brokers”

Top Credit Problems (1)

We are accustomed to borrow money to banks or any other institutions that can provide money in short time whenever we need money urgent. At that time, we sometimes don’t care about the interest given as long as we can get the money as long as possible. On the other hand, the inventions of credit cards also invented a new shopping habit in today’s life. Some people only pay the minimum amount to keep the credit card alive. Continue reading “Top Credit Problems (1)”

Business and Risk Takers

If you have enough money to invest but do not have any courage to take any risks, then put your money in the bank. And let the bank gives you small interest each month by still cutting your money for taxes, administrations fee. But, most people don’t want to put their future life based on the bank’s interest only, they want to have passive income that can be useful for their future. Continue reading “Business and Risk Takers”