Say Good Bye to Bad Credit Trap

bad-creditIf you are a businessman/businesswoman, there must be a time where you perform so bad in your business, like the day when you are about to bankrupt or when you lose a lot of money in your business. Whether we want it or not, it will happen eventually. The bad news is for those of you who lend money from Bank (or any other financial institution) to finance your business; you might get trapped in bad credit trap! Continue reading “Say Good Bye to Bad Credit Trap”

How to Control Your Employee Discipline

time_clocksAs a businessman we realize that time is important. Like the old quote says “You can earn more money buy you can’t earn more time”. Because time we have is so limited that’s why we have to be able to maximize it to get the optimum result in our life. Unfortunately, some of people like our employee may not really understand this. They don’t respect how precious the time is, that’s why they come late, spend longer time at lunch, and often go home earlier. It sucks! Continue reading “How to Control Your Employee Discipline”

Understanding Your Potential Market Place

Market placeObviously it’s unlikely that you will be the only business operating in your chosen field, but if you do find that the competition is thin on the ground this doesn’t necessarily mean good news for your business. It may be that businesses like the one you are proposing have come and gone. So it’s worth further research if there isn’t any sign of real competitors. Continue reading “Understanding Your Potential Market Place”

Rely on Remote Workers with the Assurance of Surety Bonds

If you’re thinking about starting a business or maintaining the one you have via remote workforce, you aren’t alone. One of the leading ways entrepreneurs are cutting their start-up costs is by saying goodbye to office space and sticking strictly with virtual means to conduct their business. In our technologically savvy age, running a business through nothing more than a laptop and a web connection has never been easier. Continue reading “Rely on Remote Workers with the Assurance of Surety Bonds”