Did You Just Assigned to Go for Business Trip?

business trip

Having business in other cities sometimes makes you confused because you aren’t familiar with environments and cultures of the city. However, you have to go to do your duty because it is part your job. For those who like traveling, being assigned to do business trip makes them very happy. They can leave from daily routine, take a break, visit new place, and get refreshed when go back to office. Continue reading “Did You Just Assigned to Go for Business Trip?”

Surrender Your Life to God

crossLife is a never ending struggle. In fact, all things happen in our live cannot be planned. More and more problems come to us everyday. There are various problems that might occur, sometimes we can solve the problem easily but sometimes it is difficult to overcome. We sometimes become frustated to find the way to solve the problem. But, in our lives, we should be able to face the problems and challenges happen in our lives. Continue reading “Surrender Your Life to God”