Divorce and Money

money problem

Most people never imagine that their marriage will end with divorce. Divorce will hurt husband, wife and their children. Getting married will promise to love each other till death separate their love. In fact, as time goes by, their love become fade and finally they cannot maintain their love and live happily ever after. How can it happen? Continue reading “Divorce and Money”

Need Money Quickly?


Money is important in human’s life. People work to earn money for supporting their life or their family’s life. People should be wise in spending their money. They should arrange their income for the basic needs first then the second need can be the second priority. If they manage their money well, they can life calmly. Continue reading “Need Money Quickly?”

Stay focused—the more successful you become the more distractions will appear

This is a fact: as your business grows and you become more successful, more distractions will begin to appear around every corner. This is a dangerous time for any business and any easily distracted entrepreneur. It is simple to argue that these distractions are wonderful opportunities coming your way and I am sure many of them are, but keeping a focus on your core business is essential. Continue reading “Stay focused—the more successful you become the more distractions will appear”

Embrace delegation (II)

During a week I probably made ten to fifteen deliveries like this, so I was losing upwards of ten to fifteen hours per week in what I thought was an attempt to save a few dollars. When I sat down and worked out I was losing so much valuable time each week I quickly adopted the services of a courier who charges a few dollars for each delivery, saving me a lot of time when I can actually be making money. Continue reading “Embrace delegation (II)”

Embrace delegation (I)

Most small businesses have key personnel. This is normally the owner or manager and they seem to be the person that receives a hundred phone calls a day, a pile of faxes, emails, letters and other forms of communication. If you are one of those people you will know and completely understand that at times it is extremely hard to move forward in your business because you get so bogged down in day-to-day activities. Continue reading “Embrace delegation (I)”

Online Storage for Your Business

online storage

Currently, what do you do if you forget to bring presentation file when you’re going to have meeting with potential clients? You can reschedule the meeting if possible or you can ask your coworkers to send the presentation file to your mail. For the second option can only works if there’s at least one person stays in your office and your trust him/her to open your computer. Continue reading “Online Storage for Your Business”

Is money slipping through the cracks? (II)

Now these may all seem logical but I was too busy processing work to take the time to review my operating expenses to come up with cost reductions. The greatest cost saving came from reviewing my telephone and Internet expenses. We were spending approximately $3000 per month. By changing my telephone carrier and renegotiating my Internet plan with my Internet service provider, the monthly bill dropped by $2000. Continue reading “Is money slipping through the cracks? (II)”

Is money slipping through the cracks? (I)

I did an interesting exercise recently as part of an overall review of my business. On advice from one of my closest business mentors I set out to see if I could cut my business overheads by 20 per cent without affecting the way my business runs. That means I wanted the office to look smart and presentable, all the equipment to stay the same, the level of customer service to stay the same and the end quality of our products to be the same. Continue reading “Is money slipping through the cracks? (I)”

My Way to Choose Online Backup Company

Today, I got a message from one of this blog reader who asks me about how to choose an online backup company and does it necessary to use that service. Well, I think it was an interesting question, therefore I decided to bring it up here.

For me, online backup is inevitable. You have to use this service because this way you can save your data at two different places, your computer and also the backup server. So in case, one of them broken (most likely your computer is the one which is broken) you still have the backup data. Can you imagine if you have only one place to keep your data, for example your laptop and somehow that laptop is stolen from you? Continue reading “My Way to Choose Online Backup Company”