Our Life

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When we are kids, we like to play everything. They are many kinds of games that we played at that time. We played kite, played hide and seek, play see saw and many other games. While we were playing, we felt happy and we enjoy almost all the game. There is one play that I still remember that we pretended to marry. A girl and a boy married. They are they dressed as if they were a bride and bridegroom. There were many flowers on the bride‘s hair We were happy to see a couple of bride. Continue reading “Our Life”

Be Wise in Using Your Money

moneyMoney holds an important role in human’s life. The role of money can be seen clearly in everyday life. Most people work every work they for getting money to support their family. Beside that if there is some money left; they manage their money for others needs such as for saving, recreation, buying vehicles, such as, motorcycle, and many others needs. Continue reading “Be Wise in Using Your Money”

Are You Sure Your Website Secure Enough?

For businessman, having a website can help them to increase their revenue especially if they promote their website pretty well. Like my friend, Greg, he creates a website to promote his staircase business. Can you imagine that nowadays half of his staircase orders come from his website? If he doesn’t create that site long time ago, he can lose half of his revenue. Continue reading “Are You Sure Your Website Secure Enough?”

Make a Living Will

A living will, which is sometimes known as an advance directive, tells what you want to happen if you have a very serious illness or injury. Many people do not want to receive heroic treatments or be kept alive as long as possible when there is no reasonable chance for recovery. A living will can be used to express that desire. Continue reading “Make a Living Will”