What about Real Estate Agents? (1)

As with lease-options, the problem in obtaining the services of an agent is that he or she won’t get a commission until you finally buy the home. Since that could be many years down the road, most agents are not going to want to work on this type of property transfer. In fact, that’s the reason I say that most contracts for sale are handled directly between the buyers and sellers. Continue reading “What about Real Estate Agents? (1)”

My Weight Loss Experience

Hi, my name is Jane. I just graduated from college and I immediately got my new job as a nurse at a hospital in San Antonio.  By the way, in this article I want to tell you about my story. At first, I didn’t want to share you about this because it was really embarrassing story. After thinking several times, I think it is not bad to share this experience 🙂 Continue reading “My Weight Loss Experience”