Why Conference Calls Work and What You Can Expect

Why Conference CallsIn every conference-call conversion program I’ve ever worked on, a significant percentage of the people on the call convert into paying customers— usually within 72 hours of the call. In the case of Jack Canfield’s Facilitating Skills Seminar, within six weeks a total of 130 people had signed up for the program, putting $105,000 cash in the bank. Continue reading “Why Conference Calls Work and What You Can Expect”

Things to Do When Getting Stuck in Implementing Marketing Strategy

“D*mn! I lost a lot of money and got low sales rate again because my marketing strategy does not work optimally!” That was my friend’s nagging last month. Anyway, do you also get stuck in implementing your marketing strategy too? If you do, you need to know that this can be experienced by all business owners. Nevertheless, don’t worry about this problem anymore because actually the problem can be resolved easily as long as you do several things below: Continue reading “Things to Do When Getting Stuck in Implementing Marketing Strategy”

Teleconference Strategy

Teleconference Strategy Here’s the exact formula I used for Jack (and it’s the formula I’ve consistently used with every other program like this that I’ve done).

First, I asked three of Jack’s previous graduates, who were already enjoying impressive careers in the self-esteem field, to participate in the call with Jack—to be “guest speakers,” to tell their stories, to present their knowledge of the opportunities available to participants once they were trained by Jack, and to help answer questions from prospects You can also advertise these calls using e-mail, small ads, endorsed letters and inserts in other people’s literature packages, and other low-cost or no- cost methods. Continue reading “Teleconference Strategy”

Build Successful Marketing Campaign

marketing campaign

Every businessperson has to compete with tons of competitors to earn bigger profits and achieve business goals. Due to tight business competition, businesspeople must be creative and smart in building marketing campaigns so they can beat the competitors. How they should approach this? Well, three steps below can be your guidance to build a successful marketing campaign: Continue reading “Build Successful Marketing Campaign”

How Utilising Umbrella Companies Can Be Great for a Small Business

Individuals who are planning to start their own business know that they will need all the help that they can get.  There are so many things to be considered, particularly in the early days of the business, that it can help to have experienced advice on hand as well as someone there to shoulder some of the company’s daily administrative burden.  In the current economic climate, more and more people are looking to leave the job market to work for themselves, so receiving a helping hand could be a very welcome prospect.    Continue reading “How Utilising Umbrella Companies Can Be Great for a Small Business”

Make Your Office Organized

As business manager you certainly want to always have clear mind, right? Yes, it’s because having clear mind will make you more productive. In this case, one thing that influences your mind is office condition. Will you have clear mind in the middle of a messy and unorganized? It might be difficult. Thus, if you often feel uncomfortable it can be because you don’t have an organized office. Just make it organized from now on. Here are the ways: Continue reading “Make Your Office Organized”