Want to Double Your Income? Read These Tips

Everyone wishes to have a bigger income than what they currently get, right? For businessmen, even though it’s difficult to do, there is still a big change to get it. But what about employees whose income is limited by the salary? Is it what people call as ‘mission impossible’? No, it isn’t!

From years of experiences in running a business, I noticed there are several ‘star employees’ who get twice, triple, or more salary compares to their colleagues. When I talked to these people, I found out that this thing does not happen because of accident. They have their own secrets to double their salary like: Continue reading “Want to Double Your Income? Read These Tips”

Irrational Reasons to Take Out a Loan

Borrowing money is the only solution when people don’t have enough money to pay urgent needs, such as: medical bills, children’s tuition fee, or others. Besides, people who work as businessmen sometimes also decide to take out a loan for expanding business, advertising products/services, etc. Generally the loan can be from friends or relatives, banks, financial institutions, and cash services. It doesn’t matter if you borrow money for good reasons, especially the productive one like investing and starting a business. You should avoid taking out a loan for irrational reasons, such as: Continue reading “Irrational Reasons to Take Out a Loan”

Equipping Business Seminar Material with Videos

Holding business seminar is one of the ways to increase employees’ skill and knowledge. This seminar is usually held at meeting room or certain building. Duration of this business event is from a day to seven days. Employees will get new inspiration, information, and motivation from speaker(s) during seminar.

Talking about seminar, if you are a human resource who is asked by your manager to be a speaker in a seminar, what will you do to make your seminar material more understandable by employees? Aside from gathering relevant materials from various sources, it is better for you to consider equipping your seminar material with relevant videos. On the other hand, if you want to make this way run smoothly, you are strongly suggested to apply several tips below:    Continue reading “Equipping Business Seminar Material with Videos”

Get Your Working Mood Back

Working more than eight hours at office businessmen often feel bored and get bad mood problem. If they deal with this problem continuously, their working performance might decrease. Anyway, have you ever lost your motivation to work because of having bad mood? If you have, you have to get your working mood back soon so your tasks can be done well and soon. If you are still confused of returning your good mood, apply several ways below: Continue reading “Get Your Working Mood Back”