Fire Safety Checklist for Your Office

Are you a business owner who wants to make all your employees feel safe to work at office? If you are, what do you do? You probably provide first aid kits, such as: hand sanitizer, plaster, antibiotic, acetaminophen, and many more. Those are good but you have to realize that it is incomplete yet as long as you don’t equip your office with fire safety tools.

To ease you equip your office with fire safety tools, buy those tools based on fire safety checklist below: Continue reading “Fire Safety Checklist for Your Office”

Dream & Reality (3)

dream and reality 3Genentech, like many other companies, rewards staff by producing them shareholders-95% of Genentech workforce individual shares in the business. However, they’ve been not able to prevent the flow. More and more, Americans are striking out on their own own-setting up compact businesses or sole proprietorships, turning out to be contractors, doing work from home. Continue reading “Dream & Reality (3)”

Benefits of Installing New Office Flooring

Basically, each flooring type has different durability, such as: tile flooring’s durability is up to 4 years and hardwood flooring’s durability is up to 2 years. The durability also depends on its maintenance. If you maintain the flooring well, it will be durable and vice versa. Besides, replacing old flooring that looks bad in an office building is strongly suggested.

Talking about flooring, how is your office’s flooring condition now? What does it look: good or dull? If it looks dull or even broken already, you are highly recommended to install new one. Why? It is because installing new flooring you can get some benefits, such as: Continue reading “Benefits of Installing New Office Flooring”