Pet Charities: What Do You Get Back When You Give?


Think about the different animal charities that you’ve donated to over the years. What about them made you want to give? If you’re still making donations, consider why you continue to do so. Each charity does something specific for animals, and these causes speak to different people in different ways. Surprisingly, though, all the reasons you can come up with for giving to a pet charity are just part of the overall benefit of being generous. Whether you donate money or time, you can benefit from charitable activity just as much as those who receive what you give. Continue reading “Pet Charities: What Do You Get Back When You Give?”

I Trust RighTime Home Services

rightimeBefore going to New York, my business partner met me at my office. He told me that he really regretted because he did not listen to my suggestion last month. At that moment, he asked for my suggestion in choosing HVAC contractors to repair his heating. I suggested him to contact RighTime Home Services, but he did not trust me. He assumed that the recommended company was not professional so he hired another one. Continue reading “I Trust RighTime Home Services”

You Must Repair These to Make Employees Comfortable

Man working on roof installing rails for solar panelsMy business partner told me that his workers complained with atmosphere at their workroom. They could not work optimally so their productivity went down fast. He was afraid of that condition because he thought that the problem would make his business collapse and go bankrupt. As his business partner, I suggested him to discuss with his workers and find the right solution to make nuance at workroom comfortable. Continue reading “You Must Repair These to Make Employees Comfortable”