Franchising a Restaurant: a Smart Business Decision

Choosing a franchised restaurant operation can be an ideal choice if you’re in the market for a restaurant brand that is already in existence, as well as established. What’s more, the majority of franchised restaurants are already physically set-up, so they’re just waiting for a manager to come along and grab the reins. And the franchiser — that’s the corporation or investor who owns the chain of franchised restaurants — is responsible for handling all advertising and menu choices, so you won’t have to worry about creating and executing creative campaigns. Plus, you’ll have the assurance of brand prestige – it’s always a good idea to start off as a business owner with a restaurant whose name is known and respected, rather than set foot into the restaurant world with a name that is previously unknown.

cold stone

Is franchising a restaurant a viable option for you? If you have experience in or are at least familiar with the small business model, then yes, it is certainly a viable option for you. Even if you end up franchising a well-known restaurant such as Cold Stone Creamery or Burger King, since you’ll only be handling an individual restaurant and not several of them, you’ll function as a small business owner. And just as importantly, the cost of owning a franchised restaurant, for instance the Cold Stone franchise cost, will be substantially less than that of owning your very own restaurant that you must assemble brick by literal brick.

There are certainly some risks associated with venturing into the world of franchising a restaurant, but overall the benefits do far outweigh the risks. Consider, for instance, having a corporation to turn to when you are in need of marketing materials, or if you have questions about food preparation, or want to upgrade your food service equipment. Rather than having to handle the tasks and expense of these situations on your own, the corporation you are essentially leasing your restaurant from will take care of them for you. And, if you ultimately decide that restaurant management is not for you, you can always take a step down and let someone else take the reins, with minimal personal risk, other than perhaps a temporary and minor blow to your self-esteem.

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