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social mediaIn 2011, my online store nearly collapsed because there were many new online stores which made online business competition tighter and more complicated. Yup, they sold similar products with lower prices. This made my customers leave me alone. I never guested about this because initially my online business ran smoothly and I only got one sale per month abruptly. To be honest, I was quite surprised. I applied email marketing campaign and link exchange to increase sales rate, but these efforts did not work well. I felt pressured so I could not sleep comfortably.

Fortunately, I met my old friend who is also an online business owner. I told him about my problem in detailed. He supported and asked me to be patient because each business owner could face this problem sooner or later. He also suggested me to apply social media marketing campaign and cooperate with professional and trustworthy digital marketing companies so I could attract new customers’ attention and make them want to shop at my online store. Actually, finding the right marketing company was not easy as I thought. There were a lot of companies I found and all of them admitted that they were professional and experienced. To be honest, I was confused of making a deal. I asked for his recommendation to find the right company. He recommended me to trust Marigold Marketing Group that offer high quality social media marketing Scottsdale AZ, coaching investment, efficiency social media package, ultimate FB ads funnel and client acquisition machine.

Initially, I doubted about professionalism and credibility of Marigold Marketing Group because I did not know about it well. Nevertheless, I started trusting this company after visiting its official site and looking its portfolio. I contacted this company soon and got best marketing services. This definitely brought many advantages for my business, such as:

Helping me drive more customers

Marigold Marketing Group is a trusted online marketing agency with 15 years of experience in this industry. Its experience is a real proof to represent how great this company is. Besides, the staffs always work professionally and make high quality ads to attract customers’ attention and make them want to visit and shop at my online store. You need to know that after using this service, I succeeded to drive more than 5 online buyers. I was so happy at that moment. Now, I have more than 50 loyal customers and 30 potential ones that always shop at my online store regularly.


Making my business survive in the tight online business competition

Did you know how many sales I got per month when my business nearly collapsed? Yup, I only made one sale per month. Even, I even did not earn money in a month. Can you image how disappointed and annoyed I was at that moment? It is just memory now. My sales rate started being better and increasing day by day after cooperating with Marigold Marketing Group. Because of this, my business could survive in the tight online business competition and I could get much profit. At this moment, my online store is already trusted and favored by many online buyers.

Anyway, are you an online store owner, entrepreneur, or solo-preneur who is interested in applying social media marketing campaign? If you are, ask for help from trusted marketing agencies, like Marigold Marketing Group. This company offers reasonable prices for each package that you want so you don’t need to spend much money. For instance, if you take efficiency social media package, just spend for 797 dollars per month or if you need to use ultimate FB ads funnel, get it from 1,500 dollars per month.

Keep in mind to remain paying attention to quality products and services. This social media marketing campaign will never work optimally, if you provide low quality products and bad services. This campaign is only strategy. To get and retain customers’ trust, you must serve them well and politely, okay!

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