Don’t Choose Web Designers in Hurry!

clothing3When knowing that my online clothing store ran smoothly and I succeeded to make much money, my friend decided to run an online clothing store too couple months ago. I supported him as well as possible because he often helps me. For the first, I asked him to gather a lot of references about online business from various sources and then create a good online store site by buying the right domain name and paid web hosting. He nearly bought free web hosting because he wanted to cut down expenses. Nevertheless, I told disadvantages of using free web hosting in detail so he chose to buy paid one.

Everything ran well, but not for web design. He chose web designers in hurry without knowing about the reputation and track record at all so he got these disadvantages:

Waste much money

I did not know where he went to find those unreliable and unwell-known web designers. He started realizing something wrong with those web designers when they charged him with expensive fee. Because my friend got sweet promises, he was willing to spend a lot of money to get web designing services. Did you know what happened to his site? His site looked bad and boring in which there were many columns, unrelated pictures and videos. I ever visited his online store site and was surprised at looking the design. I thought that it was the worst web design I ever looked.

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Fail to attract online buyers’ attention

Having bad web design made my friend fail to attract online buyers’ attention. Even, some potential buyers leaved comments that informed that they were confused of navigating on his online store. Some other even judged my friend that he was not a professional online store owner because he did not design site well. Of course, this made him fail to have good sales rate for couple weeks. He nearly felt frustrated and stopped running his online business.

After getting these problems, he told me and asked for solution. As a good friend, I asked him to redesign his online store site so potential customers want to visit his online clothing store. Initially, he wanted to do this himself, but I prohibited and told him not to do it if he did not want to get any problems anymore. He listened to me well because he was afraid of getting lost.  I suggested him to contact licensed and experienced web design companies, like Websites by Toni.

Are you looking for the right company which offers high quality website design Glendale AZ? If you are, you are highly recommended to trust Websites by Toni. Why? You need to know that I still cooperate with this company and never feel unsatisfied. This company has professional web designers with many years of experience. There are already many handled clients, like Rocky Point Scuba Diving, Champs Family Automotive, Ovation Contracting Services, LLC, Creative Energy Option CEO Elevating Leadership Skills, Moon Valley Eyecare Dr. Jesse Dominguez, Shen Wellness Center, Mystic Wolf Creation, Renovare Wellness By Design, FlipnFurniture, Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating, Harmony, Grief Relief Ministries, and Win Dr. Jan Dilley.

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The web designers will help you design/redesign, update contents or image and implement SEO strategy. Also, add blog to your own site in which you can provide client case studies, become an expert in your field and share tips and industry information easily. Besides, Websites by Toni offers additional services: converting your site to WordPress, training you to use WordPress, updating or redesigning your WIX, Weebly, Webstarts, or Godaddy Tonight site, helping you use Mailchimp, and so on.

Anyway, do you know what happens with my friend now? Yup, after using web design service from this trusted company, he succeeds to drive many potential online buyers and make many sales. He is one of my greatest competitors now. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit Websites by Toni or make a call at (602) 329-1450 soon.

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