Creating Successful Radio Ads

radio ads2Implementing powerful marketing strategy is crucial for every business to succeed and keep growing. The strategy can be online and offline. For the first option, business owners need to own websites and then do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), promote on social media sites, advertise on YouTube, and so on. Meanwhile, for offline marketing strategy, there are flyers distribution, billboard and banner, TV ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads. Continue reading “Creating Successful Radio Ads”

The Function of Advertisement in your Business

Business is never separate with its advertisement. We all know the only way to make people aware of our product is by advertise it.  But I don’t know why for some people, they think that advertisement is just a waste of money! Wow, they couldn’t more wrong about it. Why? Take a look at the world famous brand like Apple, Blackberry, Intel, Nike, and so on. Do they promote their product? Well, they do it every day using any possible media like billboard, television, newspaper, online newspaper, and even radio. Why would they waste their money if it is just a waste? Continue reading “The Function of Advertisement in your Business”