Tips on Becoming Boutique Owners

career, job title, fashion, income6One of the best ways to get into the retail business is by working in it. No special degrees are required, although courses in fashion design and accounting would help immensely. Success depends on your natural talent for working with people and determining which products will sell and which ones will fall flat. Start by working as a sales clerk at a clothing store in your neighborhood. Continue reading “Tips on Becoming Boutique Owners”

Designing for the Professional Athlete

Athlete, clothing business, designersIf you are in the business of designing clothes for sports professionals and enthusiasts, you need to know about more than just fashion. You need to know a lot about the sport at hand, whether it is baseball, football, tennis, cycling, or figure skating. Beyond team uniforms, you will create a variety of warm-up and practice gear that is comfortable and healthy for an athlete’s body. Continue reading “Designing for the Professional Athlete”