Allow plenty of time to think—and less time to do (II)

With the exception of the odd kangaroo bounding across the road, it is relaxing and I find that as soon as I leave the outskirts of town my mind relaxes and I can start to think more clearly. As I drive along I think about the issues at the forefront of my mind, those that are most pressing. As the kilometres roll by these issues tend to resolve themselves and I either record notes or jot down my thoughts and ideas in my notebook. Continue reading “Allow plenty of time to think—and less time to do (II)”

Selling is all About Benefits

sellingThe reality is that we don’t buy things because of features; we buy because of the benefits that come with owning a certain product or service. One of my businesses is running a gardening maintenance company. Many of my clients lead busy professional lives, which means that they are ‘time poor’.

All of them want to enjoy a nice relaxing garden to unwind in, without having to spend all of their free time cutting lawns, weeding borders, trimming hedges and so on. Continue reading “Selling is all About Benefits”

Three Golden Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone

The three golden rules for selling anything to anyone

1. Remember that people buy benefits not features.

2. You must give your customers a reason for buying from you – otherwise they’ll buy from someone else.

3. If you’re doubtful about selling whatever it is you’re selling, people will be afraid to buy it.

Continue reading “Three Golden Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone”

What is the Most Powerful Sales Technique in the World?

business_growth_and_successSome salespeople will never grasp this, because it’s so simple. The most powerful selling technique in the world is to ask for the order.

That’s it. No expertise or killer instinct required. The most successful and simplest sales strategy that you can employ in your business is to say to someone, ‘Would you like to buy it?’ Continue reading “What is the Most Powerful Sales Technique in the World?”

Make Money in Stock is a Myth?

Have you ever heard someone says “Make money in stock is just a myth!”? Well, do you know why does he say that? Probably, he just lost a lot of money in stock market. No wonder he says that. On the other hand, when you browse the internet and search for “stock market” you will see lot of success story from someone who made hundred thousand or even million Dollar from stock market! My question is who is telling the truth? Continue reading “Make Money in Stock is a Myth?”

Sales: The Beating Heart of Your Business

salesWhatever business you’re planning to start – be it to sell a product or offer a service, you’re going to have to be able to sell, because if you are to survive and succeed your business will have to compete with other businesses. The only way to truly beat the competition isn’t to undercut them or outdo them, it’s to outsell them.

You don’t have to be a sales expert to sell Continue reading “Sales: The Beating Heart of Your Business”

Increase Your Sales by Joining a Trade Show

Trade show or exhibition is one of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays yet it’s a low cost one. In a trade show, there will be thousand people (sometimes hundred thousand people in total) visit the trade shows. Therefore, it is a very good opportunity for you to introduce your product, build the customer awareness and of course increase your sales! Continue reading “Increase Your Sales by Joining a Trade Show”

Writing a Winning Business Plan

business planMost small business gurus (you know the types – the ones who’ve recently been made redundant having spent most of their corporate lives killing careers with PowerPoint presentations and now want to sell their perceived skills to small business entrepreneurs) will have us believe that the most important reason for having a business plan is so that we can borrow money for our businesses. Continue reading “Writing a Winning Business Plan”