Phuket City: An Affordable Place for Holiday

Doing the same activities every day all people both adults and children get bored easily. People sometimes need a holiday so they can relax their body and refresh their mind. People only have limited time for holiday in their life because they need to work hard every day. On the other hand, people might not have much money to do holiday because their income is only enough to pay their living costs. Continue reading “Phuket City: An Affordable Place for Holiday”

Must Have Item for Football Items Collector!

footballAside from our business life, we do have several other hobbies as well. For me, it is and always is football! I played football since high school till college. I’ve never played since then! What about you? Do you love football too? Even though I don’t play football anymore I still follow the update I get a new hobby, I love to collect the rare football item from football legend! Continue reading “Must Have Item for Football Items Collector!”