Buying Auto Insurance Online

online businessThe Internet has changed how consumers do their shopping and research for purchasing insurance, but sometimes nothing beats an old-fashioned auto insurance agency. Purchasing auto insurance for your vehicle entails more than a few clicks. You need to research auto insurance companies, compare policies, get quotes and ultimately customize a policy that suits your needs and meets your budgeting constraints. Continue reading “Buying Auto Insurance Online”

Home Insurance as a Long Term Financial Strategy

It’s been said that owning a home is an investment; you buy it, you live in it, and one day when you sell it on you hope that you can make a good chunk of change. However, don’t confuse ‘investment’ with ‘passive income’, homes require work and effort, and as such are subject to some amount of risk. In terms of long term financial strategy, Continue reading “Home Insurance as a Long Term Financial Strategy”

Different Types of Burn Injuries in the Work Place

Regardless of the type of business you manage your employees can still suffer a burn injury. Having Minnesota worker compensation insurance is vital, but knowing how burn injuries can occur and methods of prevention is just as vital.

Thermal Burns

Any hot object can cause a thermal burn, this type of burn is usually found on the skin. Thermal burns are often scalds from hot liquid, boiling water, hot fat or grease. Continue reading “Different Types of Burn Injuries in the Work Place”

Texas Business Insurance: Small Businesses

business_insuranceCongratulations! Your business is growing, or perhaps you have already committed to another site. It’s time to look at your Texas business insurance policy and update your insurance to cover your expansion.

It’s an exciting time and you’re probably busy with setting up and hiring more staff, but don’t let your insurance needs slide off your list of priorities. Your insurance needs WILL change and you need to keep on top of those changes so that the new parts of your business are as safe as those you already have covered. Continue reading “Texas Business Insurance: Small Businesses”