Emails & Internet

E-mailUsing computer and internet enables people do communication in distance fast and cheap by using emails. More and more people use internet to send and receive emails. As we know that by using emails, the news we sent will delivered to the addressee so quick. We don’t need to wait anymore. There is no reason that our mail cannot be delivered. It is really practical and efficient. Continue reading “Emails & Internet”

Backup Your Data, Readers!

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Since more than a decade ago, I have been using computer and saving a lot of emails, pictures, documents, etc. I have a lot of data that I saved in my old computer. One day my computer was out of order. Then I brought my computer to the computer repair shop. Unfortunately, my hard disk was broken and there was no more data, emails and photos that can be saved. It is really a terrible experience. I hope that it won’t be happen to me again. Continue reading “Backup Your Data, Readers!”