Education and Training to be Fashion Journalists and Catalog Copywriters

Education and TrainingAlthough fashion is your focus, the journalism profession requires a liberal arts college degree in communication, journalism, or English. By also bringing to your resume experience in the retail or wholesale style fields, you increase your chances of breaking into the big league New York fashion publications. Continue reading “Education and Training to be Fashion Journalists and Catalog Copywriters”

Working as Fashion Journalists

fashion journalistFashion journalists cover a wide range of topics, such as apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances. Today, all publishing activity is done on computers, so advanced computer skills—from layout to graphic design—are a must. Journalists write under chronic deadline pressure in a competitive world, where hot stories and cool trends typically don’t last out the month. Continue reading “Working as Fashion Journalists”

Working in Fashion Writing and Photography

Fashion Writing and PhotographyBrowse the Internet and the magazine racks of most bookstores and you will find that fashion publications are as popular as those devoted to sports and cooking. That’s because the single most effective way designers get noticed is through the fashion media—from both an editorial and a visual perspective.


Editors at top publications, such as Vogue, Elle, Allure, GQ, and Women’s Wear Daily, wield so much power that design professionals constantly court them. These editors attend all the major seasonal fashion shows and determine what’s hot and what’s not.


Even before the spring and fall collections are unveiled, these driven personalities meet with selected designers to get an idea of what’s in store for future seasons. Fashion writers and photographers have job options beyond the traditional fashion magazines.


Fashion television and fashion websites and blogs are wildly popular. Other opportunities for writers involve penning the copy for store or mail-order catalogs. In addition to the executive editors, the media world includes staff and freelance writers, managing editors, copywriters, production specialists, graphic artists, and photographers.


Photographers work closely with editors, either through assignments or submission of their photos. Their careers run the gamut from photographing major fashion events for top publications to doing studio or on-location portraits of models to creating a prospective model’s composites.

Tips on Becoming Boutique Owners

career, job title, fashion, income6One of the best ways to get into the retail business is by working in it. No special degrees are required, although courses in fashion design and accounting would help immensely. Success depends on your natural talent for working with people and determining which products will sell and which ones will fall flat. Start by working as a sales clerk at a clothing store in your neighborhood. Continue reading “Tips on Becoming Boutique Owners”

Tips on Becoming Fashion Trade Show and Event Organizers

career, job title, fashion, income5If you are great at throwing parties, you will fit right into the frenetically paced world of organizing fashion trade exhibitions and special events such as groundbreaking fashion shows. However, you have to be extremely organized and driven to keep up in an arena where yesterday’s “it” ideas are old hat today. Continue reading “Tips on Becoming Fashion Trade Show and Event Organizers”