Selling is all About Benefits

sellingThe reality is that we don’t buy things because of features; we buy because of the benefits that come with owning a certain product or service. One of my businesses is running a gardening maintenance company. Many of my clients lead busy professional lives, which means that they are ‘time poor’.

All of them want to enjoy a nice relaxing garden to unwind in, without having to spend all of their free time cutting lawns, weeding borders, trimming hedges and so on. Continue reading “Selling is all About Benefits”

Understanding Your Potential Market Place

Market placeObviously it’s unlikely that you will be the only business operating in your chosen field, but if you do find that the competition is thin on the ground this doesn’t necessarily mean good news for your business. It may be that businesses like the one you are proposing have come and gone. So it’s worth further research if there isn’t any sign of real competitors. Continue reading “Understanding Your Potential Market Place”

Tips on Choosing the Right Stockbroker

stockbrokerChoosing the right stockbroker is very important, especially for the beginner. We don’t want our money to go nowhere, right? We have heard a lot of tips and tricks for doing the stock trading, but in the implementation it’ll be a lot easier when we use a stockbroker service. However, we should be very careful in deciding the right stockbroker for us. Continue reading “Tips on Choosing the Right Stockbroker”

Business and Risk Takers

If you have enough money to invest but do not have any courage to take any risks, then put your money in the bank. And let the bank gives you small interest each month by still cutting your money for taxes, administrations fee. But, most people don’t want to put their future life based on the bank’s interest only, they want to have passive income that can be useful for their future. Continue reading “Business and Risk Takers”