Are You Sure Your Website Secure Enough?

For businessman, having a website can help them to increase their revenue especially if they promote their website pretty well. Like my friend, Greg, he creates a website to promote his staircase business. Can you imagine that nowadays half of his staircase orders come from his website? If he doesn’t create that site long time ago, he can lose half of his revenue. Continue reading “Are You Sure Your Website Secure Enough?”

Finding Extra Money

extra moneyNowadays, there are many way to earn money. If you are an employee, you will get salary every month. If you are businessman you will get profit from your business. The money you get is not only for paying the daily needs, but also saving it in your bank account. People think that saving money in bank is safe and profitable because you can get interest. Continue reading “Finding Extra Money”

My Web Hosting Sucks! Charge My Credit Card without Permission!

Yesterday one of my friend send me a shocking email, here is what she send me:

“My web hosting provider sucks! This is the last thing I ever want anyone else do to me, charge my credit card without my permission! They get my account upgrade to another package, I have no idea why would they do that! For God sake, I will never use that web hosting provider again!” Continue reading “My Web Hosting Sucks! Charge My Credit Card without Permission!”