Selling is all About Benefits

sellingThe reality is that we don’t buy things because of features; we buy because of the benefits that come with owning a certain product or service. One of my businesses is running a gardening maintenance company. Many of my clients lead busy professional lives, which means that they are ‘time poor’.

All of them want to enjoy a nice relaxing garden to unwind in, without having to spend all of their free time cutting lawns, weeding borders, trimming hedges and so on. Continue reading “Selling is all About Benefits”

CFD Trading

Have you ever heard about Contracts for Difference of CFD? CFD is a powerful leveraged instrument that can give high return for minimum expenses. CFD allows you to trade not only local market, but also local market and includes many sectors, such as shares, indices, commodities, bonds and currencies. Moreover, you can still get the profit either the market goes up or down. Then, we believe that you’re interested to know about CFD in details. Continue reading “CFD Trading”

Oil prices jumped above U.S. $ 110, IATA Cut Profit This Year

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has cut its profit forecast for the aviation sector. One reason is the surge in world oil prices which impact on the amount of operating expenses to be borne by the airline.

According to IATA, the gain achieved by the airline industry will only reach U.S. $ 4 billion this year. In comparison, throughout 2010, airline industry profits reached U.S. $ 18 billion. Continue reading “Oil prices jumped above U.S. $ 110, IATA Cut Profit This Year”

Singapore Airlines intends to sell 49% of Virgin Atlantic Stock

Singapore AirlinesSingapore Airlines (SIA) announced its intention to accept the offer of another party to buy 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic. However, the SIA declined to comment on whether the existing bidders who intend to buy airline stocks.

“I think we have very open. We have declared open if there are interested parties have 49% of Virgin. They can offer and we will evaluate and determine a decision based on that,” said Goh Choon Phong, chief executive of the SIA.

For your information, AIS purchased 49% stake in Virgin valued at U.S. $ 990 million in 1999 ago. Continue reading “Singapore Airlines intends to sell 49% of Virgin Atlantic Stock”