Fire Safety Checklist for Your Office

Are you a business owner who wants to make all your employees feel safe to work at office? If you are, what do you do? You probably provide first aid kits, such as: hand sanitizer, plaster, antibiotic, acetaminophen, and many more. Those are good but you have to realize that it is incomplete yet as long as you don’t equip your office with fire safety tools.

To ease you equip your office with fire safety tools, buy those tools based on fire safety checklist below: Continue reading “Fire Safety Checklist for Your Office”

Conduct a Teleseminar with Joint-Venture Partner

ConductFor more than a decade, the technology has existed to hold a conference call with as many as 500 or more people on the line, all interacting with the main “speaker” or all muted . . . monitored by the telephone service provider or not . . . with full reporting of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people on the line . . . with the ability to require reservations for the call, and more—all at a surprisingly low cost. Continue reading “Conduct a Teleseminar with Joint-Venture Partner”