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Internet & Online Stores

Internet is being used by many people because internet gives many advantages if it is used properly. Browsing on the internet can give us a lot of information that we need. We can get information, entertainment, doing communication, selling things, offering services, and many other things that can be get via internet.

Are You Sure Your Website Secure Enough?

For businessman, having a website can help them to increase their revenue especially if they promote their website pretty well. Like my friend, Greg, he creates a website to promote his staircase business. Can you imagine that nowadays half of his staircase orders come from his website? If he doesn’t create that site long time …

Biggest Lie about Having a Website

Gosh, I don’t know why there are still lot of people can be fooled by stupid advertisement about having a website! Have you ever heard someone says “If you have a business, then you need a website that can help you to expand your business in online world and let your website become your never-sleep …